About CWAA

The Cameroon Welding Association (C.W.A) in French "Association de Soudure du Cameroun (A.S.C)” is a group of professional in mechanical engineering and welding in Cameroon whose mission is to organize the dissemination framework research and develop training tools that will enable its members to meet the competitive requirements of the labor market

The association is a non-profitable organization based in Yaounde under the authorization referenced No 0000720 /RDA/J06/BAPP Yaounde 03 June 2015.The association has one office in the university of Douala (ENSET of Douala) and aim to have offices in every region in Cameroon.

Over last five years the Cameroon Welding Association have been actively working in promoting mechanical engineering and welding in Cameroon universities and building Cooperation between Cameroon University and University in Europe. Example of University of Douala and Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of BUEA and Lappeenranta University of Lappeenranta. Fruitful contact exist between Lappeenranta University and others Cameroon University Such As University of Yaoundé I and University of Bamenda.

International Institute of Welding (IIW) membership

The Cameroon Welding Institute (C.W.A) is member of International Institute of Welding (IIW). Cameroon Welding Association was accepted as member of IIW during its session held on 28 June 2015 in Helsinki (FINLAND). Besides, mechanical engineers, welders and technicians are organized in order to establish a framework for sharing experience in organizing symposia, seminars, conferences and training to promote all trades and welding-related activities for a sustainable economic development and social progress in the interest of all. This is actually promoting the activities of engineers and technicians for the design, manufacturing, welding production and inspection which are very useful in the implementation of projects for sustainable development and fight against poverty to improve the economic situation of Cameroon and ensure its emergence from the perspective of development.




Hard Workers

Our vision

Cameroon Welding Association is a non-profitable association dedicated in promoting the advancement of welding science, processes, practices, standards, occupation health and allied joining technologies in Cameroon. Our vision is to be the premier body in the field of welding and allied joining technologies in Cameroon as well as in the Sub-Saharan Region of Africa.

Our mission / Objectives

Our mission is to provide a platform for science, technical, and networking support services in welding and allied joining technologies as a contribution in developing industrialization to enhance the socio-economic welfare of Cameroonians.

  • Improve the knowledge of welding in Cameroon.
  • Promote the advancement of welding and allied joining technologies through dissemination of knowledge
  • Provide a platform for knowledge transfer between individuals, organizations, scientists, researchers through seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Enhance professionalism and best practices in welding and allied joining technologies at all levels to gaining recognition of such practices in Cameroon.
  • Encourage training, qualification and continuing professional development in welding technology.
  • Represent the International Institute of Welding (IIW) in Cameroon and on international levels.

Leading team

Paul Kah


President of the Cameroon Welding Association (CWA); a delegate of IIW’s Technical Commission XII for Arc Welding Processes and Production Systems; Professor in welding technology at University West in Sweden; a journal reviewer for Welding in the World; and the author of a new book: ‘Advancements in Intelligent Gas Metal Arc Welding Systems; Fundamentals and Applications’

Mvola Belinga


I have been close to Mechanical Engineering from my early age . I am well-organized, patient, highly motivated , creative, team work and dedicate to my duty. My research goal combines reliability, friendly environment and affordability. In addition, I am reliable, flexible and quick to learn.

Fabien Betene Ebanda

General Secretary

University of Douala | UDLA · Mechanical Engineering PhD en Génie Mécanique. Chef du Département de Génie Mécanique ENSET de Douala au Cameroun. Recherches sur valorisation des ressources locales.

CWA values

CWA provides a unique platform to enhance excellence in the fields of welding and joining sciences and technologies, and promote their worldwide uptake and implementation in industry through education, training, qualification and certification of individuals and companies. It also contributes to the global awareness of environmental and workplace health and safety imperatives.

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